Size parameters change when moving the position of the video

I posted this in the announcement thread for the final version of the October build. I am not sure if it was seen so I will just make this its own thread.

If you take the Size and Position filter and move it around to change position the parameters for the size change. That’s without the Grid feature activated. The change to the size parameters especially happens if you zoom out the view of the window to anything other than Zoom Fit. For instance like 50%, 25% or 10%. Zoom out then grab the drag handle in the center, just move it around and the size parameters get changed.

I know, but do not expect all bug reports to be addressed. I pick and choose. Sometimes I don’t feel like it and want to work on other things for a while or simply not work at all.

This bug still persists in the November 18 build.

Submit a patch.

Yeah I’ll get right on it :roll_eyes:

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