Size And Position Should Default To Center

If you bring in an image or video into Shotcut that does not have the same aspect ratio as the project’s video mode then when Size & Position is applied the image or video is thrown away from the center.

So for example this image here:

gets thrown to the left after S&P is applied:

when it would be far better to have the center of the image lock into the center of the screen regardless of its aspect ratio like this:

This may have become an even bigger issue now with the Slideshow Generator because there is a bug I am coming across where video clips are not producing the animations that they are set to and stay still. These video clips have aspect ratios that are different than the video settings. When I select the individual clips I see that the S&P rectangle VUI is off from where the video actually is just like I shown above the the Yin Yang image. Here are examples:

Can you provide more detailed instructions to reproduce this problem? Ideally, you would describe the fewest steps required to create the problem. Also, uploading a .MLT file with the minimum required to reproduce the problem might give some insight.

I would also like to know your OS and Language settings.