Size and Position has always black background, regardless of compositing mode

Hi there,

as the title already states, I try to make a PIP video and for this, I apply “Size and Position” to the first video track.
But when I shrink down the image, the lower video is simply not shown, but black.
I already tried switching on and off the two composition switches, gpu rendering and switched between OGL and DX rendering. Nothing worked.
Please help!

I’m using 18.03.06, what I’m about to say might be different for different versions.

Your “Composite” track, at the very bottom of your tracks, must be visible. (in your screenshot the track has its eye closed – hidden.)

In 18.03.06, the icon with multiple squares stacked is intended for the “bottom” track and single squares should be on the tracks above it. I seem to recall reading that this was reversed / was going to be reversed, so, depending on your version, your screenshot may or may not be backwards.

Here’s what a successful composite track list looks like for me:


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Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:
I actually found this solution by accident in the meantime. It’s quite confusing, that about every tutorial on the internet is showing MVCL buttons and that the icons for the composition button are kind of contra intuitive.

I’ve brought this up a few times too. I knew I’d not be alone on this.

Yes, all upper video tracks composite (if enabled) with the bottom-most video track, which must have compositing disabled (to prevent it from blending with a hidden black track). Also, you are correct that compositing for V3 has been disabled. In general, a tooltip tells you what will happen if you click something. Same thing applies for these buttons.

I thought about it more and have yet to find something better. The current icons look like flattened layers (i.e. composited) or not (multiple layers). No one has suggested anything better - at least not anything I have read.

Absolutely, they will not be made reversed in a future version because that will confuse too many people who understand it or have come to understand it.

In the next version, I am going to remove the composite toggle button for this track.