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So, I have been using Shotcut for about 3 years now. Great program.

I just installed the most recent update (I hadn’t for about 5 months) and noticed that the Size and Position filter is now merged to be Size, Position and Rotate. My issue is that under the old size and position filter, I could just click on “distort” and bob’s your uncle, it would be perfectly adjusted to fit full screen. Now, I am having to click on “distort” and then drag the picture to fit the screen. Am I missing something? I do a weekly worship service through Shotcut for our church and import up to 20 to 30 pictures, so having to drag each picture and fit it to the frame is becoming quite time consuming today.
Can anyone help a girl out?

Thank you for your quick reply!

So, I tried what you suggested and it didn’t work. I clicked on both the fill and the distort and the reset to default button numerous times. No cigar.

At best, it just zoomed the entire picture.

I used to just have to click on one button and it would perfectly distort the picture to fit the screen.

The one-click button solution will no longer work because there have been many changes made to the size and position filter.

My initial solution was crap, and I have deleted it.

One thing you can do is add a Size, Position & Rotate filter to your clip. Set it to distort mode. Type in the video resolution that you are using in the size boxes. I used 1920 for width, 1080 for height. Set the position to 0,0. That will stretch the image to fill the screen.

Save this as a preset. You can apply the preset to any clip to get an image that fills the screen. For multiple clips/images just copy the SP&R filter to each clip/image.

I made a preset that you can use that will work with any video mode.

If you want to use it, open the App Data Directory:


Copy the preset to the presets\affineSizePosition folder.

00 Distort.txt (203 Bytes)


It appears your image is not anywhere close to your source video mode, and you’re using this filter to actually crop instead of actually wanting to distort the picture.

Using the Crop:Source filter might be more beneficial to use. This way the original image doesn’t get squashed or distorted. To fine tune the settings, hover your mouse over the actual px amount, and scroll up/down.

If you’re using many of the same images each time, you can save presets in this filter to easily reapply the same settings.

YES!!! You are a genius! Mucho, mucho thanks!

You have just made me a very happy girl! It worked perfectly.

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Sometimes it works. :wink: Happy editing and composing.

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