Size and position box shrinks to top left corner

hi, i’m new to shotcut so i may be missing something
when i add 2 videos on different strips to make ‘picture in picture’ effect i put ‘size and position’ filter on both.

i drag any of images in the way that the top left scaling square is hidden (on the top or on the left side)

after i update viewport in any way (select another strip etc) the whole scaling box shrinks to 1px (probably) to the top left corner of the viewport

os and pc specs:
Shotcut version ARCH-19.08.16

anyway, i want to thank you for the software, it was the only way for me to make .mov file with alpha channel from a png sequence (kdenlive can’t do it, davinci resolve dosen’t work with amd gpu)

This is a bug with 19.08.16

This bug is fixed in the most recent version at this time of reply which is 19.09.14.
There is a mention about the bug fix in the 19.09.14 release notes.

thank you for the reply.
so i’ll wait till manjaro repos will be updated and use appimage untill then.