Site Logout

Please provide a way to log out of the site.

It doesn’t matter if logout is handled automatically after a set time. Because the site must be logged into, people still need to have an explicit logout button/link so they know you are not following us around the Internet and logging our activity to sell.

Experienced users will look for such a clickable button or link in the upper-right corner of the page. It should either be an explicit “Logout” (or “Signout”) link or on either the “hamburger menu” or the user icon menu.

I’m a retired developer and your site looks nice except for that one frustration.


Hi @DocSalvager.
Something like this ?


Thank You for the instructions… but Logout shouldn’t need instructions.

For better or worse, FB has primed us to assume there is nothing important behind the “people” icon most of the time. But it does make sense for that grouping of pages.

Were it my site, I’d simply add a “Logout” link to the bottom of the hamburger menu along with the 3 items (About, Mobile View, FAQ), which would also fill in the awkward blank space. Logout should only require 1 or 2 clicks/taps.

We do not make the forum software, and we are not going to modify for your particular taste. You can take your request to

(Sorry? Bad day?)

If you have no means to make such a change, you could pass along a note to the developer that you had received this feedback from a programmer with almost 40 years of experience.

That’s how software improvement happens… incrementally.

Yes, I was grumpy, but sorry I do not have the time to coordinate that task, and it is not a change that I necessarily agree with.

Hi again @DocSalvager
Honestly, I personally never felt the need of a way of logging out of the forum. When I’m done here, I just close the browser and that’s it. But reading your post peaked my curiosity. In my own experience, every website I know that requires me to log in also provides a way to log out. Motivated by that thought, I searched for the log out button and found it about 10 seconds later :wink:

You’re a younger and better man than I. I rummaged around for about 20mins before giving up.

It is my understanding that closing a browser tab does not necessarily end a session (logout) unless specifically coded for and is one of the simplest ways sites collect user activity on other sites.

HTTPS and other common techniques may have eliminated that vulnerability. I don’t know. The sites I’ve designed are simple static sites with no login (so far) so haven’t had to deal with the issue yet.

(BTW… Your site looks good and am enjoying learning Shotcut. I’m new to audio/video editing.)

Thanks For the Replies!

Better at finding buttons ? Maybe. But younger ? hmm I don’t know about that.
If you were born somewhere between 1960 and 1970, we’re about the same age.

You are a younger man than I.

Thank You for humoring this old fart.