Singapore's "Cruise to Nowhere"

In my video on the “Cruise to Nowhere”, I made more use of Shotcut’s new Spot Remover filter to blur peoples’ faces, and I love it!

On the performance side, some of my friend’s footage is in 4k, which brought my laptop down to its knees during editing. Even dragging a clip could take up to 10 seconds. I will buy a higher performance workstation to be better suited for video editing.


Did you use proxy editing? This makes it so much easier, esp. with that big 4k files. Give it a try :slight_smile: This won’t reduce export time, as encoding will be the same effort for 4k. Proxies are used only for the editing process and the player.

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I hadn’t heard of this before (I’m quite amateur). I just watched a YouTube tutorial on Shotcut Proxy Clips, and will try it out. Thanks for this great suggestion @RilosVideos!

You are welcome :slight_smile:
Just look here:

or here:

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You should also combine Preview Scaling with Proxy to really eliminate as much lag as possible:

Preview Scaling handles the lag that comes from adding filters. Proxy only takes care of making the videos files you are working with less of a burden on your computer. So if you are running on a slower machine make sure to use both at the same time. It’ll definitely allow you to use your current workstation for a much longer time without having to buy a new one. :slightly_smiling_face: Try both Preview Scaling and Proxy and let us know if they give you a better editing experience. You’re up to date with the latest Shotcut version, right?

And thanks for sharing your videos. They are well made and a good representation of the quality content that can be made using Shotcut. :+1: It’d be cool if you put in the video description you’re using Shotcut to help spread the word.


Thanks both @DRM and @RilosVideos! I have already used Preview Scaling, and will enable Proxy Editing for my current project. So far the results seem great - a noticeable decrease in response time. Great job to the Shotcut team! :clap:t3:

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