Singapore's Airport during Pandemic

My latest video is about visiting one of the world’s largest aviation hubs during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is 100% Made with Shotcut.

I’m curious - What software do you all use to edit your YouTube Thumbnails? I currently use a trial license of Canva Pro, but I find the cost to be prohibitively high for casual users (who perhaps create one Thumbnail per month).


Hi Stefan, I thoroughly enjoyed that. thank you. Very informative, and the music is perfect. A very relaxing watch. :+1:

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This is great. No help on my end. I use Photoshop for my thumbnails, but many of the members use GIMP and it’s free.

Thanks @jonray! I’m glad you enjoyed.

Great suggestion @bentacular, let me try GIMP once my Canva trial expires.

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