Simply attempting to open a playlist item crashes Shotcut

Opening a playlist item by double-clicking or choosing Open from the context menu makes the play button in the player unresponsive. Another attempt to open that playlist again leaves Shotcut in the state of freeze.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Shotcut.
  2. Open a video file.
  3. Trim the In and Out points of the video.
    I have tested without trimming the In and Out points, and it appears the same bug still happens.
  4. Add it to the playlist by clicking the + button in the playlist or drag and dropping it to the playlist.
  5. Attempt to open by double clicking the playlist item or choosing Open from the context menu.
  6. Only the play button in the player becomes unresponsive.
  7. Another attempt to open it causes Shotcut to freeze.

For some reason, if I click the forward button in the player twice, the playlist item starts to play at the forward speed, and Shotcut doesn’t crash.

This only happens with v21.05.01. I tested with v21.03.21 and am assuming that any previous versions don’t have this bug.

Additional notes:
A. Tested on Windows 10
B. Tested on two of my PCs that have different CPUs.
C. This bug doesn’t happen with image files, but it does with Color from Open Other.

Unable to reproduce here. This is a pretty basic feature that no one else has reported.

I turned off Realtime (frame dropping) from the Settings menu, this bug is no longer happening.

Can you reproduce it with Realtime turned on? If not, maybe some other bug fixes will fix this.

I did all my testing with Realtime enabled as that is the default and generally recommended setting. Also, I tested on macOS and Linux as well. Do you have proxy turned on?

Can’t reproduce the issue, and Realtime is on.
Windows 10 Home

No, proxy is turned off.

This bug that I thought is happening only to me has been fixed in 21.06 Release Candidate even when I turn on Realtime. Thanks!
I’m suspecting that 1) in this post is the same problem I was having.

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