Simple way to organize clips

I’ve seen a lot of activity around the “How do I organize video clips and source files?” question in Google searching but haven’t seen a clear answer emerge. I don’t have time or budget to do a lot of experimenting right now but wanted something to at least get me started – I can see how a bunch of clips with generic, camera-provided filenames could quickly get out of hand.

I found something that is helping a lot – I don’t see it as the be-all, end-all etc. but it’s simple, free, and is helping me.

It just lets you add “tags” to the filename, which then show up in brackets. It’s a little quirky and there are a couple things I’ve discovered that help. So far it’s been fine, haven’t seen any ill effects. The thought of renaming files makes the cautious side of me a little nervous but so far so good.

It works for Windows, Mac, or Linux. And once the tagging is done, the results show up wherever else you send the file, with or without the program installed.

If anyone is interested I can post more about how I’ve gotten this to work for me. I’ve only used it for a few days but it is already helping quite a bit.

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