Simple video of Horizontal Pan of a Panoramic Image

I have spent ages trying to create a simple video of a horizontal pan from left to right of a single panoramic image in .tif format.

I have searched for answers, looked at youtube videos, etc. but failed to achieve this simple result.

I get as far as importing the photo, bringing it on to the timeline, loading the Size Position & Rotate filter and getting to the Keyframes window. After that, I tried in vain to get the result I wanted.

Hopefully some kind soul can put me out of my misery with a simple guide.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Nibor

You don’t specify your project and image dimensions.

So I’ll explain using my own image:

My image dimensions: 5184 x 1080
My project dimensions (Video Mode): 1920x1080

  • Drag your image in the Timeline.
  • Set it’s duration to your desired length.
    • Short duration: Fast panning
    • Long duration: Slow panning
  • Add a Size, Position & Rotate filter.
  • Set the Height to the same value as your project height. In my case, 1080. The Width will be updated automatically.
  • Make sure the Playhead is on the first frame of the clip.
  • Set the horizontal Position to 0 (zero). The left side of the image will be aligned with the left side of the screen.
  • Click the Keyframes button (stopwatch icon)
  • Move the playhead to the LAST frame of the image clip.
  • Add a new keyframe.
  • Now you need to calculate the new horizontal Position of your image on that second keyframe.

To align the RIGHT side of the image with the right side of the screen:
Width of you image, minus the width of the screen (project width)
Make the result negative.

In my example:
5184 - 1920 = 3264
So I’ll use -3264 for my second keyframe.

I hope my mini tutorial is clear enough :wink:
If not, don’t hesitate to ask more questions.


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