Simple timeline improvement suggestion:

While editing a timeline, I watch thru video, pressing “S” to cut at strategic points:
now I have cuts at:
10,20,30sec - the video is 50 sec long
my video playback is paused at 40 sec (but it continues to 50sec,)

now i decice to remove the previous part between 30 and 40sec.:

my playback, is unpaused, will now be from the “new” 40s (end)
Desired, and logical feature would be; after deletion, I am at “t minius deleted_length”

This way , pressing space, and continue playback would be actually continue, not “jump forward the amount of time you deleted”

so feature request is: If playback time is greater than the time paused at, the - when removing a section, do a “t = t - time_removed”