Simple text effects/fade in effects

Hi there,
when I add to clip the text filter, text just appears there. I wonder if there is a way to create some simple animation/transition in Shotcut for the text filter? I found the workaround that I can create text as png in Gimp and import it as clip to Shotcut and afterwards I can use fade in filter. Is there any other possilibilites?

Thank you!

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Well, here’s how I did something like that.

  1. Create a separate track and go to file > open other > color (transparent).
  2. Shorten the clip in the source player, add it to the timeline, then add the text filter.
  3. You can then create the transitions and set both in the filter tab to “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black”.

Hello Lauren,
I’ve tried it with your steps, but I don’t understand it :frowning:

  1. I’ve made and a new video track, go to the File -> Open Other -> Color [ here, I can’t see any transparent color or menu with color transparent, I can just choose colors]. So I selected black color.
  2. Shortenning clip and adding it to “Playlist” and then to new V2 track is ok for me.
  3. Here I don’t know, how to create transitions between V1 and V2 video tracks. I know that I can create transitions between each clips on same video track. And that “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black” I can’t find it either.

Sorry that I don’t understand, I’m using Shotcut few days.

Thank you for your help.

Have a nice day,


Hi Tom, I’ll try to explain it in more detail.

  1. When opening the color menu you can drag the opacity slider that appears under the color wheel to 0. This will set the color to transparent.

  2. You can create the transition by dragging the edges of the clip inward to add a “fade” effect. When your mouse cursor is hovered over the edge of the clip you will either see a colored bar or a circle. If you click when it’s a circle and drag inwards, the effect will be created and added to the filter menu.

  3. When the transition is registered in the filter menu, you can go to the options of “Fade In Video” and “Fade Out Video” and select an option in their menus that say “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black”.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Edit: You can also manually add the “Fade In” and “Fade Out” filters as well, without worrying about dragging the edges.

I hope this is readable…:wink:


@Cuty Very nice, thank you for the visuals :slight_smile:

You can also copy the clip you’re using, paste it into a second track and add an opacity filter of 0%. You get an exact length that way. Just add text after that and then fade in/out.

Thank you for you super how-to :wink:
Unfortunatelly there isn’t working 3D Text :frowning:
But text is also good, can be used in some cases.

Maybe just one question, if I added that “Alpha channel” to “0” and added some text with fade in/out filter. That text changed color from black to white, I thought, that it’ll occur from hidden stuff to white color in fade in and dissapears to the hidden on fade out.
If you know what I mean.


That is why you have to select the “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black” option on all the transitions in the filter menu.

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Danke für die Blumen! [~thanks a lot + you’re very kind](I don’t know the expression:yum:)

And, - !
Thank you for giving me the hint because of the “opacity instead of fade with black”!!!
I’ve forgot that totally. I try to fix this.
Any idea were to load up the new ‘visual(?)’, how-to, for best? Here in this thread?


If you have an improved visual I think it would be a good idea to open a new topic in the tutorial category to upload it. :slight_smile:

I would like to create simple text animation - to bar text horizontally. I created two clips with transparent colors. Set text filter at the second one. Put clips next to each other on timeline and set transition between them. It works well when dissolve transition is used, but when I use bar horizontal, or any other type it doesnt work - text just appears there at the end of the transition. Im using latest version on Win7 64 bit and I repeated this behaviour on more computers.
It would be cool, if it works, because it brings many possibilities to create simple text and labels animations.

I tried it myself and saw it wasn’t working that way. However the transitions work under other circumstances, and I was able to come up with a workaround of sorts.

  1. Create your text animation alone in it’s own project, by loading a clip using some colored background instead of a transparent one.

  2. Edit the clip so that you have your animated background along with the transition you like. This should work.

  3. Next, save that project and load the project you want to add the “animated” text to.

  4. Load your text transition project as a clip using File > Open MLT XML as clip.

  5. Add it to a new composite track, and since this one is colored you need to add the chroma key filter to it. The distance setting will have to be turned up a little high for the animation to look smooth. I put it at around 75%.

Tell me if this works for you as well, or if something doesn’t make sense. I think the reason the transitions aren’t working in this case is because of the transparent background.


Hy Lauren,
I tried to load up the new visual in a new topic under “Tutorials” but it was blocked.
How/where I should load up the file?

I just finished a tutorial for titles, which includes fade in/out and then got a comment requesting text/title animations, so now I’m trying to figure out solutions…

I might be misunderstanding - is it possible to make objects/images move over the screen somehow?

I found one working solution which is a bit involved (duplicating video, transitioning between video with text to the same video without text):

I just wish there was documentation on how to make HTML5/CSS3 animations that work in shotcut.

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Hi, thank you for your “tutorial”. It takes some work but the fnal result is nice.

Have you tried with a html5 creator like mixeek or Html5 maker?

Thanks but mixeek seems to not exist any more.

If you mean, it doesn’t seem to allow downloading the html code.

Ohh, too bad for mixeek. Will see if I find a free alternative…

To test :

Have to look further, but once your “registred” on html5maker, it seems possible to “download”. But I don’t know if it’s usable by Shotcut.