Simple Text effecting other timeline tracks


I have a video which involves a video in the foreground and a video in the background (Through Different video tracks).
I wanted to add simple text to the video in the foreground but, when I do, the video in the background changes to pitch black. (No changes to foreground video)

I’ve tried changing the opacity of text backgrounds but it doesn’t work.
When there’s nothing typed, the background is there, but as soon as a character is typed, it becomes pitch black.

Since I know that WYSIWYG for Shotcut isn’t necessarily accurate in all cases to the preview, I tried to export my video but that black background is still there in place of my regular background

I would appreciate help as soon as possible.

How can you see the background video when there is a video in the foreground? It is not clear how to reproduce the problem from your description. You should show a screen shot that includes the timeline and the filters panel with the text filter selected.

Here you can see it works for me in current version 20.04.12. I used Size and Position filter on the video on V2 (foreground) to make it smaller and put the text on the video on V1 (background).

You see, the way that it happens is by having the video in the foreground not be fullscreen.

Like how the background video has a 9:16 ratio while the foreground video has a 3:4 one.



I reproduced and provided the screenshot I requested:

The Text: Simple filter causes the padding around the foreground video to become opaque instead of transparent. That is an unfortunate side effect, but I am not certain this will be addressed soon. The workaround is to add a video track and put a text clip (Open Other > Text) as seen in V3 below:

Add the filter: Size and Position to that clip. I used the settings: Fit, Center Middle.

In this example the image on V2 is sized at 1920x785

In this example the image on V3 is cropped with Crop: Source
(hid V2 for demo purposes)

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