Simple Text and Rich Text problems on latest version (23.05.07)

I’ve got a project with Simple Text and Rich Text in it. But now when I’ve upgraded Shotcut to 23.05.07 I have the following problems:

  • All bold text is no longer bold (OK, I can go and fix all this, but it’s a pain…)
  • Simple Text Vertical Fit Middle and Bottom are no longer correct (I want it in the middle of a particular rectangle, so I’ve had to add 21 pixels to the vertical size to make it look in the middle)
  • Rich Text used to be vertical fit middle, but now seems to be top with no way to change it. So instead of being in the middle of its coloured rectangle background, it’s near the top, with no way to change it.

Any suggestions please?

This was never the case.

I’m making a football video that has little yellow rectangles that flash up in the bottom left of the screen with the name of the scorer etc. These are rich text 50 pixels high and use font size 22. The text all always used to be centred vertically, and now when I open the project they are all near the top with the new version.

This is in addition to all the text that was bold (Rich and Simple) now becoming non-bold.

And my simple text that shows the current score in the top left still says it is centred vertically, but is all too high now in its rectangle.

The only way to vertically center something in rich text is by adding blank lines, but probably the size of these changed. These are things related to the Qt upgrade since we use that for text rendering. We might be able to fix things for simple text but rich text rendering is like a black box for us (we do not write the code for its internals). But if we do try to fix this for simple text, it will then alter the simple texts made with this version.
My suggestion is to use the previous version for the existing ongoing projects.

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Simple text (and GPS Text and Timer) is fixed for the next version.

Your rich text is somehow related to line height for which I did not find a solution. When you say it is centered vertically, that is only based on the very short, single line height of the text box. When I say it was never centered vertically, I mean when the text box is defined to support multiple lines like the defaults you get when you add a Text: Rich filter.

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