Simple but effective photo transition effect - "Semi-flash"

I thought of a pretty simple but effective transition effect. I’ve called it the “Semi-flash” transition.

I’m short of time so it was easier and quicker for me to make this tutorial of the process, than write the steps here. Made in 24.06.06. No commentary or subtitles…

I could have left the transition at the halfway point of the tutorial, with just the white colour clip having the opacity applied, but then I decided to add keyframed Gaussian blur to the clips themselves for a more subtle effect.

Tutorial took 2 minutes.

Bonus point to anyone who can identify the music on the video. It’s a Karaoke version (no melody) of a UK pop song, but which song?


Love it Jon. Cool idea!

At first I thought it was Let’s Twist Again by Chubby Checker. But that’s not it, of course.

I submit this title (with great confidence):

Click here to see the title. Don't click if you want to try to find it yourself.

Making Your Mind Up, by Bucks Fizz

Very nice song. I haven’t heard it in ages.

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Thank you, @musicalbox. Sometimes something doesn’t have to have bells and whistles to work well…

Correct! Did this song reach Canada then?

PS In my original post I firstly wrote “gaussian blur” [sic] but of course it should be “Gaussian blur” (capital G) because it’s named after a person… Adobe will now explain (from Google)…

"[It is] named after mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss (rhymes with “grouse”), Gaussian (“gow-see-an”) blur is the application of a mathematical function to an image in order to blur it"

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PS how did you code that “reveal” sentence? It’s cool.

Yes. I don’t remember if it played much on radio, but it was popular in night clubs.

Blur Spoiler does more or less the same thing:
Hover your mouse on this:

Consider yourself spoiled

Then click on it.

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Wow, those features are both very useful! Brilliant.

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There are more on the discourse forum

Infact you can directly add subtitle file to the video instead of using a editor to show it in the uploaded video.

Mermaid charts and more, some of them are paid ones, but a lot of them are paid ones. If Dan really needs, he can utilize the extensions they provide. There are some very great ones. And yes, the video thing with option to upload subtitles should be the priority.

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Not my stupid brain replacing the first letter of both these words with the other word accidentally :slightly_smiling_face:

I read it extremely wrong, so wrong that I can’t post it here :upside_down_face:

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This is pretty good. Might try it in my current project