Silhouette effect in shotcut

Please how can I achieve the silhouette effect in shotcut… Making a moving peron look totally black

Is the moving person in front of a green screen or other solid background?

Not a green screen.In front of a solid background

Hi @Kayode-ojo_Olabode_C

I took a video of a person with white background, reduced the lightness with the Hue/Lighness/Saturation filter, then chroma-keyed out the grey background.

The demo shows these 3 steps:

  • 1 original
  • 2 reduced lightness
  • 3 chroma key simple applied.

Depends whether your solid background is light/consistent enough, but you may be able to adapt what I did in some way.


I really like the way you answer questions. Thank you. This should work. If not I’ll simply reshoot with a white background

No problem, my pleasure :smiley: Hope it works out for you!

Thank you jonray for your tutorials on using html to animate text in shotcut .i got stuck in part 1 following your video. I’ve never used notepad ++ no html. But i downloaded notepad ++ and followed the video up until the light blue tag.
When i clicked on run…

I did not get the run on chrome option, although i only have internet explorer and Microsoft edge browser. Does it work for only chrome or am i missing something?

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