Significant lags in Preview/Player panel after update to 20.04.12 from 18.11.18

I’m using Shotcut quite awhile and almost satisfied by its simplicity and power in an one shell. And everything was fine except for now. I’ve created some simple project in 181118 version, and then updated Shotcut to current 200412 version. Neither changed in hardware nor software in my laptop (Dell Vostro 5568) during update except that lags have appeared in playing my source files in Preview panel. I’ve reinstalled 181118 version and everything went back to normal with playback.
What should I do to be happy user of new shiny version 200412 without any lags? :slight_smile:


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Does that mean playing videos in the Source player?

If you are on Windows, try the different options under Settings > Display Method except perhaps Software as that is slowest. Otherwise, there is a huge amount of change between these versions. There have been changes over time to improve color accuracy and fix bugs that can result in a minor slow down. But I have not noticed any significant change over time on my systems.

Yeah, sorry for mistype, I’ve meant “Source” player of course.
So, I’ve reinstalled the 200412 version again, but this time just added same source files to Playlist, without opening my before-mentioned project. And voila, everything works as earlier!
Maybe it was some incompatibility of how old saved project is been treated by new version program code?
Anyway thanks for reply and some kind of clue for finding solution!

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