Side by side talking to myself


I am trying to create a video where I’m talking to myself
I have created two separate videos and now I want to merge those where I crop the right side of one, and the left of the other and merge.
Couldn’t find a way to do that…
Any Idea?

Put one clip on a separate video track above the other video and:

Use either the Crop: Source or Crop: Rectangle filter along with Size, Position & Rotate.

Or, depending on the kind of effect you are looking for, you can use the Mask: Simple filter.

YouTube search “shotcut split screen”

o.k. Thanks all. very fast responses…
The thing I was missing is the fine setup of the fit and size. I didn’t fully understand the logic but I managed to set it right. So"

  • The left clip should be set as “fill” and “left”
  • The right clip should be set to “fit” and “right”
    Many thanks for your help!

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