ShuttlePRO v2 Shuttle Wheel Programming

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to configure the shuttlewheel on my ShuttlePRO v2; ensuring there is a smooth transition across the forward and rewind range. I thought it may be helpful to post (and compare) what I have set up for any other users of the same:

Left 7: Same as lower value.
Left 6: J x3 timers (nearest to lowest fast forward speed but in reverse)
Left 5: J x2 times (nearest I could get to normal play speed in reverse)
Left 4: Left arrow x30 per second
Left 3: Left arrow x15 per second
Left 2: Left arrow x10 per second
Left 1: Left arrow x5 per second
Right 1: Right arrow x5 per second
Right 2: Right arrow x10 per second
Right 3: Right arrow x15 per second
Right 4: Right arrow x30 per second
Right 5: L once only (normal play speed).
Right 6: L once only. (lowest fast forward speed)
Right 7: Same as lower value. (as above*)

For the transitions between steps
Left and right steps 7 to 6:Space*
Left and right steps 6 to 7: Space*
Let and right steps 6 to 5: Space*

  • These stop the fast forward speed exceeding keystroke “L” x2 (i.e. the speed is the same for both steps 6 & 7). Leave out the space to make the fast forward go superfast at positions 7 (personally I found it too fast and preferred the more generous dial space for fast forward).

Did you see and use this as the basis of your work?

Yes, I did. Mine is simply an adaptation to suit my preferences (which may, after all of my fettering, bear more resemblance to the original as I found what I ended up with was not what I originally thought I wanted (if that makes sense)).

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