Show Timeline Zoom level on slider upon hover

Timeline Zoom Level slider would greatly benefit from showing the current zoom level as we slide or hover over the slider. Thanks.

Can you explain the benefits of this please?

Having the perfect zoom level allows the user to find that comfortable medium between scope of the segment, and details of the clips. When previewing, we can follow along exactly what frame it is playing and the composition we’ve created. When it’s too close, the clips speeds by too fast; when zoomed out, we can’t see the details at the play head.

When trying to create a good zoom level for the timeline, there isn’t any numerical feedback as to what the zoom level is. By having this info, we can restore it to our happy level after zooming in to work on a detail, or zoom out to navigate to another part of the project. When starting another project, knowing our preferred zoom level allows us to have a consistent environment.

The slider is very touchy, and without a number to reference, we are guessing at how much it is when we let go. We can incrementally +/- the level, but with each time it must render the Timeline and probably rebuild the waveform.

Since the zoom level info isn’t displayed anywhere, seems showing it during hover (or as part of the slider button) is a good way to provide the info when needed, yet not occupy valuable real estate.

Thank you for your consideration.

Have you tried using Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel? This is much faster.

Your suggestion hints that you may have used other editors that had the feature you want. Several users here have made suggestions for improving the Zoom feature, most notably the ability for the Playhead to stay fixed in one position while zooming. If you ever used Sony Vegas (now Magix) products you would be spoiled by the timeline zoom feature. Zoom in and out, rapidly, while the Playhead remains in a fixed position is a tremendous feature and makes editing so much faster. Here is a link to previous discussions. Playhead doesn't remain central when zooming the timeline


seems pretty reasonable to me…normally i go by feel. and once i have it where i like it i leave it alone…but that’s just me.