Show position coordinates of mouse when it is within the player in the editor

I would love to have a feature that would show the pixel coordinates of the mouse relative to the video screen while mousing over the player. Use case is to calculate the position values of pretty much any filter (Size/Position, Crop, Mask etc.) without multiple trials and errors. It could be turned on/off in the setting for those that it might annoy.

(Image is a screen print of a different software)

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While not exactly what you are requesting, the Video Zoom scope can show xy values of pixels in the preview player

Use the pixel picker button to choose a specific pixel.

One problem with your request is that the preview player is typically zoomed in. So you can’t choose individual pixels. If you move your mouse one pixel on the screen, the x/y value would increase by more than one pixel. The player would have to be zoomed to 100% to get pixel accuracy.

Another feature that I didn’t know about!

But as a quick aid to calculate keyframe settings to zoom in on a certain rectangle of a video clip, for example, it is pretty clunky. I understand that the accuracy would be to the nearest 2 or 5 pixels (depending on the zoom of the player) - that is how Natron works in my screenshot example. But it would still be really useful to be able to see at a glance the approximate coordinates of the point you are looking at.

This will get reported as a bug. So, it must be accurate, and the zoom scope already is.

Well, not if the text said Approximate Coordinates. There could even be a tooltip that explained that the coordinates are only accurate to the zoom level of the preview, and you could also display the zoom level of the preview next to/above/below the approximate mouse coordinates.

The Zoom scope is a really neat tool, but it is intended for detailed examination of a portion of the screen. The Zoom ratio won’t go lower than 2x, and there’s no way to get it to show the whole screen because that’s not what it’s meant to do. My suggestion is for a macro level design aid, on the preview player because that is where 99% of design takes place, and that is where all the filters that have position parameters are modelled.