Show markers in keyframe edit time line

When i create markers in the time line (key M), i cannot see them while editing the keyframes of filters.

It would be very useful to see the markers…

Thank you!

Hi @owai

As a workaround, and in case you don’t know, you can move the Keyframe panel on the right side of the timeline, making the markers and the keyframes both visible at the same time.



Thank you very much! :+1: :+1: :blush:

Hi @MusicalBox and @owai. I like the timeline to be visible throughout the window.
When I need keyframes with markers, I’ve configured the FX module as you explain here. I’ve also stretched the Filters window to the right, what you do with the View-> Layout->xxx custom setting, still useful for filters: Color Grading, GPS Text,…
So, with a single click, I switch from Editing to FX and vice versa. This is an alternative approach.

Bonjour @MusicalBox et @owai. J’aime que la timeline soit visible dans toute la fenêtre.
Lorsque j’ai besoin des images clés avec les marqueurs, j’ai configuré le module FX comme vous l’expliquez ici. De plus, j’ai étiré vers la droite la fenêtre des onglets Filtres, ce que vous faites avec le réglage personnalisé View-> Layout->xxx, toujours utile pour les filtres : Color Grading, GPS Text,…
Ainsi, d’un seul clic, je bascule de Editing à FX et inversement. C’est une méthode alternative.


Nice tip, @SergeC. Never thought of doing that.

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Thanks @jonray. It’s directly inspired by @MusicalBox’s ‘How to do’ answers.

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