Show equalizer bars during show

Hi. I am a very enthusiast user. I have CUDA cards and this is the only one software that speeds up my video!!! Ok. Let me know the way to create stunning and awesome audio video!
I need to create in the lower side of the screen an equalizer bars system. It must show the music playng trought these bars dancing at the music time. So I would like to have the normal video about the singer, and the his music in the audio track. There should be a tird element that reads music and show the equalizing in a trasparent way. I should see the equalizer bars inserted in the video! Many thanks for the help for this project.

I would suggest playing the song through using software that displays the equalizer bars on screen and record the screen activity during that process. You can then synchronise the resulting footage in your video and display it either as a simple picture in picture in the corner as you describe, or you could also use chroma-key and mask filters to key out the background colour so only the bars and labels show.

Hi, thanks for the reply. There is a fantastic plugin inside the Shotcut filters!!! It do by itself!!! It reads the music: FA - N - TASSSS - TIKK!!! I love that app, I have two CUDA supercards and in seconds I make videos!!! I attach the tutorial that I watched after I wrote this simple topic.



Well I never! I’ve never actually noticed that filter, but then I’ve never had need of it myself :wink:
Glad it does what you need it to, and I’ll have that in mind if ever I do something musical. When it’s done, pop up a link on here to your finished video (if it’s for public consumption) so we can see the finished results.

With eXXXXtremely pleasure: love from Italy to you all!!!

Hi the result of the work. I applied a filter on an image only for listen music in a graphical way. Share it, if you can. Thanks.


That is AMAZING!!
It also works with classical music!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Yet another hidden gem within Shotcut!!

As a classical musician I’m going to enjoy using this!!

Thank you so much for drawing attention to it.

Grazie, tanto amore!!!
Jon in UK

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