Show clips comments in the timeline

Disclaimer: I see this is not addressed in the current roadmap.

Problem: The thumbnails often don’t do the job of identifying each clip in the timeline.

Suggestion: It’d be great if in addition to the thumbnails, the timeline would also show each clip’s comments (or part thereof), either as a label over it, or as a hovering tooltip (especially when clips are too thin at a given zoom level), or both.

It currently shows the clip name. Did you know that you can change the clip name?

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Aha! Bingo. I didn’t.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Can I make the font bigger?

No, it is hardcoded to a pointsize 8

I see. Maybe I’ll just upgrade my glasses :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ok, lemme change my suggestion, then, just to adding a hovering tooltip, so we can see the clip’s name when it’s too narrow to show it as a label. Cheers.

Why you don’t you try looking at the video? You are making a video after all.

I do. Then I change things around, and… what was this one again? It’s like a memory game, and I have to keep flipping the cards around every time to put them in the right order. The name label on the clip helps (and that’s already a plus over Davinci Resolve and iMovie, which TTBOK don’t have it); it would help even more if they also showed up on a tooltip when we hover over them, just like it shows a tooltip with the time ticker when hovering over the top of the timeline (especially when the label doesn’t show bc the clip is too narrow in the timeline for a given zoom).

Have you tried using markers?

I hadn’t! That’s useful too, especially to label groups of clips in the timeline (e.g. chapters). I’ll use it!

Still, the clip’s name tooltip would also be nice, to identify individual clips in each group without having to zoom in or play the clip.

For the next release I have added a tooltip style popup that shows the clip name, an excerpt from the comment, and duration.

I do not want to show all of a very large comment because it would make the tooltip too large


They can still get too large.

The only way I am able to recreate that is by adding a bunch of trailing spaces to the clip name. So I have fixed that. Is that what you are doing?

I just copied and pasted the word “Clip” 18 times. :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, what do you think about making this feature optional in the Timeline hamburger menu under Options?

OK. I have added elided text for the clip name. Try again tomorrow and let me know if it is fixed.

Sure. So what do you think about making this feature optional in the Timeline hamburger menu under Options?

I am open minded about that, but in general I prefer to limit the number of options that change the behavior of the application.

If the feature is unpopular, I would like to change it to make it more popular or remove it. For example, if the tooltip is too big, maybe I should remove the comment and/or the duration and only show the name. I am open to suggestions to make it more popular.

Why do you think people would not want it?

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I’m happy with that.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

It still can get too large:

It’s really more personal preference. This can suit some people like Andre.Levy but for me I don’t see myself using this much and would prefer tooltips not appear for clips. But again for others this might be useful for their workflow.

I have this fixed for windows now.

I have also changed the tooltip to only show the name. After practicing with it, I think this feature is useful when the timeline is zoomed out so that the names are not visible on the clips (due to them being to small). In that case, the hover overlay is useful to remind me which clip it is without the need to click on it and display the properties (which might displace some other useful panel that I am using).

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Why not also the duration of the clip? That’s actually very useful.

One idea that came to me is that instead of giving an excerpt of anything written in the comments in that tooltip, there could be some sort of symbol or even a couple of words of some kind to indicate if the clip has a comment written in it. That reminder would let the user know that they can go to Properties to read the actual comment that was written. Otherwise, it’s just the name and duration of the clip.

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