Show all filters on the Key Frame control

Great Application!
(I’m a developer as well, so I can understand all the work is behind this…)

When I’m in Filter mode, what about the possibility to show all the Key-Framed filters in the Key Frame control?
(if this option is already included, I didn’t find it)…
In this way, for example when working with many Texts, it should be simpler to check the duration and placement of all the Texts in the time line of the KeyFrame control.
The not selected Filters could be rendered just as grays boxes, for example.

Hi @titticad

I’m not 100% sure I know what you mean by Filter mode and KeyFrame control, so I’ll take a guess and suppose that in your Shotcut layout, you can’t see the Timeline panel and the Keyframes panel simultaneously, so you have to switch between them at the bottom of the screen.


Did you know you can re-arrange your layout to make both panels visible?

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No, I’m working at that stage with the KeyFrames panel and the Filter panel.
In the filter panel list I see for example 6 items.
I would like to see in some way all the 6 filters (if they are Key Framed, i.e. they are not applied to the full clip) also in the KeyFrames panel, I see actually only the selected one.

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