Shoutcut exportation problem

Okay, I have some problems with exporting my short film to Shotcut. The frame size and the chroma key (for greenscreen effects) filter doesn’t work. Here are the photo:

When I export the clip to mp4, the frame resulotion is getting smaller idk how. The frame resulotion should be as big as the screen.

Please help me, the greenscreen effect doesn’t work either, and I use chroma key and key spill. What should I do? Should I reinstall Shotcut or change some setting or something like that?

This video will also compete at a competition at the 25th of November, and the Movie most be done today

Btw, it should look like this:

Many features don’t work if you have enabled GPU Processing (experimental). If you have done this, disable it.

Other than that, you haven’t given enough information.

How do i delete GPU?

One more thing: When I open Shotcut, it often says that the Project is broken or something and that they will create a copy and make a repair (as a mlt file) to fix the “problem”. The repair clip have less features than the original clip.

Dont’t worry, the problem is solved. When I changed the display method from DirectX to OpenGL Everything became fixed. =D Btw, I have GPU processing turned off.