Shouldn't ripple prevent overwriting when changing clip speed?

If I have a long clip and make a 10s selection in the middle then change that 10s clip to 0.5x speed to make it 20s, the extra 10s of the slowed down clip is overwriting the next clips in timeline even if the ripple button is pressed.

Shouldn’t ripple solve this problem? By definition it fits perfectly for this behaviour to push all the timeline to the right for the extra 10s.

Try unchecking and rechecking the ripple button.

Sometimes, this may help.

It doesn’t look like it makes a difference, does it work for you?

I’ll check and tell.

Chez moi cela fonctionne comme chez vous
J’utilise cette méthode
1/ Sélectionnez votre clip de 10s et placez la playhead au début
2/ Coupez
3/ Sélectionnez l’onglet source dans le lecteur
4/ Changez la vitesse de 1 à 0,5 dans propriétés
5/ Collez

With me it works the same way as with you
I use this method
1/ Select your 10s clip and place the playhead at the beginning of the clip.
2/ Cut
3/ Select the source tab in the player
4/ Change the speed from 1 to 0.5 in properties
5/ Paste


That’s a good workaround, better than what I was using (I did not know that the cut clip will appear in “source” - I was copy paste-ing the clip 2-3 times in the timeline then removing the extra ones, extend speed then remove empty space). Merci!

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