Shotcut working with external video plugins

Hi everyone. I’ve commented before, suggesting some little improvements for the program, but this one, maybe i will be, as we say here in Colombia, “throwing the gush too high” (which translates for this case, that maybe i’m being too much demanding with the developers with this suggestion), but ¿is it factible to make work with this app, external plugins as for instance, Neat video? I think that this need the plugin’s developers would program a specific code for Shotcut, but as i don’t know many about programming and software developing, i guess the question isn’t irrelevant (at least to me).
Thanks in advance for you answers and for your attention.

Shotcut is Free Open Source Software licenced under GPL 3, as is most of the dependencies it uses. is a commercial product that requires you to purchase a licence, other than for evaluation purposes.

So I guess the answer from Shotcut’s lead developer will be “No”.

It is possible. We would have to add support for

However, its usage of OpenGL could be a problem going forward.


Thank you for reply. I also supposed that the real problem was legal, but I suppose if you would allow shotcut to support external plugins, even if they aren’t open source, but with the supposition and confidence that the plugin’s user, has gotten it legally, or what at least creating a disclaimer, exonerating to shotcut’s team, for the misuse or irregular obtainment for external plugins; it could be implemented.
I guess it’s not impossible to legally allow that, but I’m not a lawyer and also I don’t know well the corresponding laws of your country.
Obviously i’m not forcing you, I only think it would be a good idea; and what if you see that is possible making it work without getting you in troubles, it would be good to implement it. Just that.

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I would love this so much.

I am currently a premiere & AE power-user, but I’m trying to find open source alternatives because of how much adobe sucks ass. OpenFX plugins are extremely important to my work and it would be so lovely to have support for them in shotcut.