Shotcut won't start when there's space in the program path on Linux

first thanks for this great piece of software!

Shotcut portable won’t start when the folder in located in a path with a space.
I’ve updated Shotcut and created two folders “Shotcut 18.05” ane “Shotcut 18.06” and it took me many minutes before I realized that even the older version which normally run wouldn’t run. I run Ubuntu 16.04 x64.

It’s not a bug for me, just wanted to point that out so others won’t repeat my case. If it’s complicated to repair, then some note in the portable app download would be ok.

When run from terminal, it starts even when there’s space in the path:

hub@hpnix:~/Shotcut 18.06$

So this issue is valid only when I double click on the Shotcut icon.

This is a known bug in the portable Linux version. I do not know the fix. Feel free to share a fix on Github if you can figure it out. .desktop files are not even really supposed to be able to run an executable at a relative path, but I made it work for many if not all window managers with this limitation.