Shotcut will not play audio through bluetooth headphones

Shotcut refuses to use my headphones, and will only play audio via my laptop speakers or through the headphone jack. Everything else uses the headphones fine, they’re connected just fine and I have used them for everything else with zero problems for well over a year. Changing the volume does nothing. disconnecting and reconnecting the headphones does nothing. It will play if I use the audio jack, but not via bluetooth. What gives?

We do not know what operating system you are using. I can test this on Windows and macOS soon. In any case, we use a library called SDL for sound output, and maybe it has a problem. In some operating systems, there is a system-level audio mixer that can have volume turned down on an application.

This is working for me on macOS 10.13 and Windows 10 using Shotcut v19.04.30.

I had this same issue. The solution I found was to go to Settings>Audio Channels and then toggle one of the selections. It should send the audio through to your headphones.

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This happens to me when you switch audio devices while the program is open. I use windows 10 v1809

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This is fixed for the next version 23.07