Shotcut will not make clip of MP4 MicroSD

Every time I try to get Shotcut to make a video clip from a Micro SD MP4 (of my son’s baseball game), the video is herky jerky and stop and go. The Micro SD MP4 by itself (prior to trying to make a short video clip) plays fine in Windows Media so I know the Micro SD MP4 is not the problem (but the Micro SD MP4 is herky jerky when trying to watch it with VLC player instead of watching it with Windows Media Player). I am wondering if there is a way to change the settings in Shotcut to properly make a short video clip of something on my Micro SC MP4 video (e.g., if the video would play in the Shotcut window without being herky jerky, then I’m guessing any video clip I make using Shotcut likewise would not be herky jerky). Can anyone help, please?

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