Shotcut will not add new set of filter

I wonder why shotcut does not add new set of filter when I attempt to do that. I follow exactly as others said how to add new filter to a folder. any idea please, thanks

using V. 22.12.21 on windows 8.1 64 bit
I already have folder called PRESETS, there are some filter there.
once I placed new filters there did not respond, then
I created folder : filter-sets and dropped few new filters then restarted.
after that it does not show in filter section no new tab or new filters, not found in list

If you’re talking about Filter Sets, your version of Shotcut is too old.
That feature was added to Shotcut in version 23.05.


Thanks brother but V. 24 needs windows 10, up

So that’s 2 things you need to update :wink:
You’re welcome

But… even in version 22.12.21, there is something you can do…

To save a set of filters:

  • In Shotcut, press the Copy the Filters button.
  • Open Windows Notepad.
  • In NotePad, go to Edit > Paste to paste the lines of code.
  • From NotePad, save the file.

To re-apply those saved filters in a new project:

  • Open the saved file in NotePad
  • Copy the content (ALL the lines of code):
    • Edit > Select All
    • Edit > Copy
  • In Shotcut, press the Paste Filters button.

I will try that and post the result, appreciate

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