Shotcut vs Kdenlive 2020

I made Shotcut vs Kdenlive video editor comparison based on my video editing experience to opensource video editor. It is completely made with Shotcut 20.6 BETA 2. Please feel free to give suggestions if I did something wrong in this video. Thank you.
Kdenlive vs Shotcut 2020


Nice comparison video.
There is one feature that Kdenlive 20.04.1 has that Shotcut does not have yet.
Motion tracking.

Kdenlive 20.04.1 Motion tracking.


It’s a nice comparison between the two editors. If you’re looking for feedback, though, the computer generated voice brings the quality down and can be somewhat distracting. I know that when I was doing a YouTube search to compare editors on my own a few months ago, I would have clicked this one away because of the machine-generated voice. I want a human connection when I look at an editorial video like this.

The music fits well in the mix, but I might pick something with a different mood. That’s just a personal decision, though.

I hope that when Shotcut does get it that it’s implemented better than it is in Kdenlive. There are things you can’t do in Kdenlive’s motion tracking like controlling the size and position of the object you want to pin the tracking data to. Also in Kdenlive it doesn’t allow you to fine tune the tracking data like you can in other motion tracking in other apps like erasing all the keyframes from a specific point in time so you can redo that section in case the track lost its way at some point.

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In many cases this ca be done with keyframing the Text:simple filter. See here:

As a non-English speaking user, I am interested in a TTS service to add English audio to my tutorials. So today by watching (and listening to) your video, I started looking for free alternatives.
I don’t speak English and this is a handicap when it comes to communicating and reaching more people.
By the way, it seems that you liked one of my projects (5:35 and 6:56). Although what you can see there is my use of a transparent background reference template that I created with Inkscape (Shotcut can handle the native SVG format).
About Kdenlive I can point out that it has a bigger amount of options, however, not all of them are usable or comfortable.
In my case, it closed several times during editing and was two 5 minute video tracks (one with chroma key) and two audio tracks and the typical fade in-out transitions.
Another problem there was the audio management, the sliders weren’t fine and I had audio shocks.
I also didn’t understand the meaning of the audio mixer. I should investigate, but after adjusting the audio mixer, I thought that the export would respect the audio levels set in the mixer. However, this was not the case.
I guess the audio mixer has another purpose.
One thing I liked about Kdenlive was the automatic synchronization of two audio tracks, based on a reference search. Shotcut doesn’t have that either, but it’s possible to do that another way. I do that in Shotcut by looking at the waveform.
I’m more interested in stability than hundreds of effects and automation.

By the way, a lot of research on Nepal. :sunglasses:

Right. I missed this feature. Kdenlive added motion tracking .

I’m a non English speaker. And my English is not good. I tried it before. But here what may pronunciation is little bit different than your native . So, I choose text to speech option. And I just throw my experience and ideas that what I learned with this Shotcut video editor.

Yes , I’m from Nepal. Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for sharing your video. But please, next time, do not modify the Shotcut logo. I see you added film wheel holes:

(The irony is that with Shotcut branding, I specifically chose to avoid anything involving film. The Shotcut logo is intended to look like two clips on a timeline.) In general, you should not modify any company or product logo.

Okey, I will keep original branding of Shotcut logo. I did it for highlighting but that a bad idea I know. I will change. Thank you for this issue.

Regardless of the outcome, I don’t consider it very polite to post comparison reviews on the home of one of them.
My point of view of OpenShot vs. Shotcut: two great free video editors. Pick what suits you best.

Thanks for the video, I’m still weighing them both up under Linux, however one thing definitely in favour of Shotcut is native hardware encoding (NVENC and Intel VAAPI) - you can download an Intel vaapi encoding profile for Kdenlive, but I have a fast nvdia card and native nvenc support is a life saver, so thanks Shotcut!!

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Hi, @Daz_K-G I use Linux Ubuntu Studio, which comes with Kdenlive by default (among other video editing resources).
I am very used to the Shotcut interface. It is clearer to me and I am comfortable.
In that scenario, I installed Shotcut using Snap and it worked perfectly.
I also made the Shotcut AppImage file from the current beta executable.
Although I didn’t do the necessary testing, I see that Shotcut has an option for the low-latency Jack audio server. I did not see such an option in Kdenlive.
With Shotcut I edit the same project in Ubuntu Studio and I can continue it in W10 (or vice versa). To do this, I just try to put the video, audio, etc, files in the same project folder (where the .mlt file is). Then I save the whole folder in an external HDD and I can take it to another computer.
I didn’t try this with Kdenlive and I don’t know if it’s possible to do this as well.

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