Shotcut video audio-track issues

Issue: When I open a mp4 video from obs-studio, I have the issue, that I can only hear my microfone sound (recorded sound) and not my system-sound (recorded sound) but if I play the same video in for exempel VLC I can hear both sounds system and microfon.

I don´t realy know but I think it is because I record the Video and save it with two audio-tracks (see above ) . Is there anything I can do to fix the problem in shotcut ? Don´t want to record systemsound and microfone together and I only want to use one recording programm. In ahead thanks for help :wink:

Yes, most likely there is more than one audio track. Shotcut lets you choose an audio track using Properties > Audio > Track. To mix two audio tracks from the same clip:

  1. add another track (if needed)
  2. add the same clip to the other track at the same time location (copy and paste)
  3. change the audio track of one them in Properties