Shotcut Versions and GLIBC versions

My Shotcut version is 20.09.27 on Linux Mint 18.3 and GLIBC 2.23.

I found a bug (and just reported it) that Shotcut overwrites project files which are set “read only”. OK, but before I complain, I felt I should update everything. I downloaded the latest version but it does not run. After some efforts I found out that it requires GLIBC 2.25 or 2.27.
Some people asked in another forum how to update GLIBC and they received warnings that updating is a high risk and it is better to wait until a new Linux update contains GLIBC 2.27
This means, even if the mentioned bug is fixed, I can not install an update because of GLIBC.
But perhaps there are some improvements after my Shotcut version. That’s why I would like to know:
Which one is the latest Shotcut version which runs with GLIBC 2.23?

20.10.31 was the first version to build with Ubuntu 18.04 which uses Glibc 2.27:

You could try any version before that.

Also mentioned in the FAQ.
Try using Flatpak for a newer version of Shotcut on older distributions.

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