ShotCut Version 24.04.28 bug

windows 10
version shotcut 24.04.28
quand on a installé la video dans la timeline, ( pas de bug ) et qu’on va sur Proprietés, puis que l’on change la plage de couleurs, une nouvelle piste s’ajoute dans la Timeline.
Si on remet l"ancienne plage de couleurs, la video disparait dans la timeline.

Si on rajoute une deuxieme video dans la timeline, une nouvelle piste s’ajoute automatiquement.
Si on detache l’audio, une noyuvelle piste audio s’ajoute.

Bon courage.

Windows 10
ShotCut Version 24.04.28
when you have installed the video in the Timeline, (no bugs) and you go to Properties, then you change the color range, a new track is added in the Timeline.
If you put the old color range back, the video disappears in the timeline.

If you add a second video to the timeline, a new track is automatically added.
If the audio is detached, a new audio track is added.

Good luck.

Bonjour @meiber,
‘Automatically Add Tracks’ est-il coché ? Si c’est le cas, décochez le.

Is ‘Automatically Add Tracks’ checked? If so, uncheck it.

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Ca marche.


It worksIt works.

Thank you.


I unchecked this option, but the next time I open SC with a new video file, I find it checked and I have two tracks that are added automatically. Even if it’s not very annoying, in principle it’s weird.

@Bal_Uso, see this thread:

Fixed in V24.06.26


Please try upgrading to 24.06.26 the lastest one and see if problem was resolved !


I didn’t see it go by, sorry.