Shotcut version 21.12 reissued

I published a new version 21.12.24 that fixes a bug that was found in version 21.12.21 that affected the video blending between two non-opaque image/video sources.

However, by the time this was found we had already merged some changes prepared for the next release. The extra changes were not deemed critical path, and we decided to release it all as one final gift for the year:

  • Added video filter Audio Level Visualization.
  • Added segmented bar type of display to the Audio Spectrum Visualization filter.
  • Added snapping for markers - dragging clips or their edges snaps to markers and dragging markers snaps to clip edges or playhead.
  • Changed Detach Audio to separate the audio and video filters.
  • Fixed audio was muted after changing view layout or window size when playback speed is fast forward or rewind.

Audio Level Visualization !!! Today ?
My trip to the mall to visit Santa wasn’t a waste of time after all!
Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

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That had to be the most confused mall Santa ever.

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Mask: Simple Shape’s Softness parameter isn’t working for me.

It was working in v21.10.31. It broke in v21.12.21 as described in the “Filter Problem?” thread. Softness doesn’t look soft at all in v21.12.24 even though I can see subtle difference when I move softness from 100% to 0%.

This is a result of alpha channel mixing. Previously the alpha channel of the bottom video was ignored and made opaque. Now, that is preserved but with mixing can give a different result since one input alpha is no longer 1.0 (N*1=N). Since you added a Mask: Simple Shape to the clip on the bottom you made areas outside of the green transparent. What you see is the result of translucent pixels mixed with transparent, which yields translucent
and not directly visible. You would need to use the Alpha Channel: View filter to visualize it. Here is how my project from the bug report looks after increasing softness to 100% and visualizing the alpha channel:

If you want to see how translucent looks with black, then you need to add opaque black underneath (or change Alpha Channel: View > Display = Black Background). This is like how I responded here How to show Emojis in multiple colors? - #5 by shotcut. This will not be addressed simply because it is different than 21.10 because we want to fix exporting and embedding multi-track projects with alpha.

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