Shotcut v23 won't open

Oh by the way, Windows blocked you on start up. It gave me a pop up that it didn’t recognise your software, harmful yada yada. Billy just wants us to pay him to use Windows editor. Can’t save without paying him, can’t Export without Bill’s $$$ incentive to let you create. Jealous Jeff makes more money?
I clicked run anyway and still nothing, unfortunately. But, Windows blocks you, not the first time I had to give permission.

This topic has been marked solved (so you won’t get many replies) and the solution is to run an older version. That would involve uninstalling 23.06.20, then downloading an older build from the downloads page and reinstalling that (making sure to check the box to clean the registry during the reinstall process). As a fellow Shotcut lover, that seems like an extremely simple fix (at least to me).

I think that is a confusing or inconvenient place for most people because that link is the project GitHub Releases page (lots to look through and understand including betas and release notes). Rather, the web site Download page has a clear and simple section:
Windows 7 (or old computer without Direct3D 11+).