Shotcut v21.05.18 crashing frequently

Ignore that; it does not apply to Shotcut. I will remove this message from the log for the next version. To learn more read the FAQ about hardware accelerated decoding.

Fair, thanks. I just pointed it out as a difference I noticed between 21.03.21 and 21.05.18. Even if the message itself isn’t meaningful, the silly number of times it shows up in the log of 21.05.18 as compared to 21.03.21 might point to 21.05.18 doing something undesired (like re-loading the MLT over and over) that’s causing the major performance hit for some of us.

Stabbing in the dark here, as this is kind of a ‘soft bug’ that’s difficult to make a real bug report on.

Hi, I’m new around here, but me too. I went back to 21.03.21 and it’s solid. Both 05.01 and 05.18 are “crashy.” It seems to happen randomly but on the project I’m working on, I could reliably crash it by double clicking a video in my play list, then trying to paste it between two adjacent images (not videos) in my timeline. I expected it to shove the images apart and insert the clip but crash on 05.01 and 05.18. 03.21 OK. Sorry I don’t remember which version I built the project on but I’m using Linux Mint 20.1 as far as I can tell. Same behavior for 05.18 with the appimage and the portable TAR.

More info…

This is kind of weird. If I double click on a video in my playlist using 03.21 it plays. On 05.01 or 05.18 the video doesn’t play. An image shows up in the viewer but it doesn’t go. I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature but it’s fairly repeatable. Kind of like step 1 plants a bomb and pressing the paste key makes it explode.

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There are probably too many unrelated things going on in this thread for it to be specifically actionable. We may need to work as a team to try to get better details of how to reproduce specific issues - and possibly create separate threads for each one.

I was able to experience this on Windows when dragging from playlist to timeline. I will look into that.

That is a new behavior, but I do not consider it a bug. You can click the play button in the player after double-clicking the playlist entry and the file will play.

It is supposed to respect the Playlist menu option Play After Open. This is fixed for the next version.

After rebooting, I have not been able to reproduce a crash the way I did yesterday. I will keep trying. Hopefully I can find a way to reliably reproduce a crash.

As an experiment, people could try running Shotcut in compatibility mode. Right-click on shotcut.exe and look in the properties:

Shotcut 21.09.20 crashs a few handured times a day, reported by Windows “Reliability Monitor”, although you can use Shotcut without noticing it.

Are you running Anti-Virus?
If so, you need to whitelist the entire Shotcut project folder. and the appdata directory.
That’s no guarantee the Anti-Virus will let Shotcut work though.

It works :smiley: Thank you very much! Just be cuoristy, why Windows Security considers Shotcut is a threat, even though I install Shotcut over Microsoft Store?

Oh, Noooo…, I said this too early. Shotcut keeps crushing after it has been Excluded from anti-Virus scan.

Closing this thread because this is about a specific version where there have been many fixes since, and you are reporting about a different version, which makes it off topic. Also, you posted to GitHub, and that is cross-posting. Followup there.