Shotcut using my igpu rather than my dgpu

I have a laptop with ryzen 7 5800h and a rx6600m and sadly when using hardware encode shotcut uses my igpu is there a way to fix this

Shotcut code has the follow line that requests AMD chips to do something special:

As you can also see that only works for Windows. If you are using Linux I do not know.

Alas, however, that does not control the export because that runs as a child process without that code. Maybe this article helps:

See the section " Switchable Graphics Application Settings"
The export program Shotcut runs is {install-path}\Shotcut\melt.exe

sadly that article is very outdated and did not help also I am running on windows I tried putting Melt.exe on specific gpu to my dgpu on win11 sadly that also did not change anything

Maybe try in Windows 11 Settings

Is there really much of a difference in speed and quality between your two AMD GPUs?

I’ve already tried that and I dont think its working and to answer your question about my gpu’s performance difference is I can link this Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics vs Radeon RX 6600M [] by PassMark Software

Those benchmarks don’t cover encoding which is different tech than graphics. It looked into ffmpeg options for this and did not find it.

I know that those benchmarks dont really tell anything but surely a 100+W last gen mid level gpu is better than 6 year old integrated gpu Its fine if there is no solution for it

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