Shotcut unusable - Drag audio or video clip crashes Shotcut

Hello folks,

I cannot use Shotcut at all because dragging a clip into the playlist (audio or video), crashes the program.
There is no GPU Effects in the settings to turn off, as suggested as a solution on other crash related threads.

Shotcut version: Shotcut version ARCH-18.11.18
System: Manjaro Linux; 16Gb RAM; AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU; Nvidia GTX1050ti GPU.

In the release notes:

Did you download Shotcut from here: ?

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Thank you for your reply.

Good. I haven’t got GPU Effects mode on, then. Any config files show GPU = false.
No, I downloaded it from the official Manjaro repository.
I might just uninstall and reinstall it. I don’t use Flatpak or Snap. Maybe I should download the portable tarball and see how that works.

There are errors when using the portable version, and crash upon adding a clip.

 /dev/sdivideotx0: unable to get the file status: No such file or directory
 /dev/sdivideotx0: unable to get the file status: No such file or directory
 /dev/sdivideotx0: unable to get the file status: No such file or directory
 No such file or directory
 could not open video output destination: /dev/sdivideotx0
 Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I’m not sure what is supposed to create /dev/sdivideotx0.

Try using the App image. It seems to work for some Linux users.

Get it here.

These messages can be ignored. They are the side effect of probing for optional, special video display hardware (SDI). Sorry, but I do not know why it is crashing for you. Maybe some critical MLT plugin is failing to load due to a dependency breakage. You can try running at the command line the following to see if it works:
/path/to/ -verbose noise
It should display a window with noisy video and sound. If it does not what messages does it show? If it works, trying replacing “noise” with the name of an audio/video file.

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Yes, that did work for the portable version, but I couldn’t find for the actual installed version.

I uninstalled Shotcut, and then removed all traces of Shotcut files and folders from the file system.
After re-installing through the official repository, it is working again.

Maybe a configuration or other file somewhere got corrupted during an upgrade.

Thanks all for your replies.