Shotcut unresponsive after video export

Hi. I have been working on a project, first as a vertical video, but then I changed the project to landscape 16:9 1080p. It has 6 timelines (with one or two position and mask filters on each), all showing at once, one more video track with a still image in it and one audio track.
Since making the change and adding one more video timeline at the top, the application has become very unstable. Some of the things that have happened are the following:

  • Application becomes unresponsive after exporting the video with the Youtube preset and the aforementioned aspect ration and resolultion.
  • Opening the project from the recent projec selection after opening the program, also makes the application unresponsive and generates a temporary project file in the same folder as the project I’m opening. I have found that deleting the additionally created files allows me to open the project againg but only if I open it from the open file dialog.

I´m working on a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series
Core i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.60 GHz
Windows 10 64bit with latest updates.
Sometimes I work with battery, sometimes plugged in but it doesn’t make any difference.

I thought updating shotcut to the latest version would help but it’s exhibiting the same behaviour. At the moment I have not tried to work on another project because I’m a bit late with the deadline on this one.

I appreciate your help.

You are probably running low on memory with only 8 GB for 1080p and need to limit the number of video tracks. Monitor your memory usage after opening the project and playing it through. Then, reboot, do not start any other app and do the same. Export will use quite a bit of additional memory. So, to export you need reduce memory usage as much as possible by closing all other apps, restarting Shotcut, loading the project, and immediately export.

Thanks a lot for your answer. Actually I was thinking in limiting the video tracks next time. Maybe I’ll try grouping three videos and then jus using the two exports from those… if I have to.
If I could ask a follow up question. My computer has a Radeon GPU but as far as I have read, there is no way to use it for quicker video export right?
And also, should 16 GB of RAM improve the capacity? maybe for something over 1080p?

Yes, the more the better. Minimum system requirements are in the FAQ: 8 GB is considered the minimum for HD work, 16 GB is minimum for 4K UHD.

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