Shotcut too much memory and crashing

OK, I downloaded Shotcut a couple of days ago and decided to use it as my editing software for my Minecraft videos. Firstly whenever I zoom in or out of the timeline 60%of time times it crashes. Also, it takes up almost 2Gb ram and says to exit shortcut or restart it. I tried a couple of other free software but I liked this the best. So the recording was about an hour long and about 4GB in size .It starts taking about 150 mb of ram and as I cut more parts of the video it starts to get higher.It comes at the point where my pc fully hangs.And I need to restart.Is this normal for it to be this laggy and take up a lot of ram,I edited about 20 minutes of footage into 3-4 mins ,The thing is even if I restart shortcut and open my previous mlt file it still takes about the same amount of ram and lags a lot…My specs arent really great either.But I’m really have a passion for youtube and have researched on the algorithm and stuff for a year now.My specs-
Intel core i3 9th gen
graphics-Intel UHD graphics 630
RAM-4 gigs
Hdd storage and that’s about it.I know these arent the greatest but is there a way for me to stop lag or does every other editing software have this problem with my pc because of my specs?

Have you tried using both Preview Scaling and Proxy? If not try them both at the same time and see if you still have the same problems. Click on the links below for info on each.

Also, just a tip, don’t bring the entire hour long recording to the timeline and then edit it down. Put it in your playlist and play it from there. Find the general sections that you want and mark the start and end points with I and O on your keyboard. Once you marked a general section of interest then bring that down to the timeline. When you bring those general sections down to the timeline then do the rest of your editing there.

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