ShotCut to write Vietnamese

I’m making videos that need Vietnamese subtitles but ShotCut can’t seem to display Vietnamese characters. Writing the texts in other programs and copy/paste it into ShotCut works but I want to write it directly.

I’m using ShotCut 22.10.22.glibc2.27 Appimage on Linux.

Thank you for your help! ươ

If you can’t do it directly in Shotcut how about creating a subrip (.srt) file and using my utility to create the subtitles in Shotcut. See here for how to try it out:

@Elusien I prefer to have the subtitle embedded in the video but thank you for your response, I will consider it.

My utility takes the .srt and generates a .mlt Shotcut project file that you put on an empty track above your video track using the Shotcut menu option:

FileOpen MLT XML as clip

this uses the Text: Simple filter, so the subtitles will be “burned” into the exported video. See the video tutorial here:

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@Elusien That is very cool, I will check it out.

But is there really no way to directly write Vietnamese in ShotCut? What about other languages?

There shouldn’t normally be a problem writing non-western scripts in Shotcut, but I do know that in the past several people have had problems, e.g. with Israeli and Arabic.

Shotcut has quite a following in Korea and I haven’t seen anyone reporting such a problem. Maybe the following will help, though not speaking or reading Korean I am not sure:

I tested an older version with Thai input on Windows on a Thai friend’s computer, and it worked. But Linux might require some non-trivial components to be integrated into its build, which I could not get done. So, I leave it now as an area for someone else more qualified to make an open source contribution.

The workaround in that ticket is to use the Flatpak build.

@Elusien It is possible to turn the web-app into a ShotCut plugin?

@shotcut The Flatpak install is buggy and still have the same problem. This is probably because I’m not using Ubuntu

In theory, yes it could be turned into a Shotcut filter - you can do almost anything with software. Unfortunately that is something I myself do not have the knowledge to do.

Basically my web-app generates a set of Text:Simple filters, one per subtitle, which are applied to a transparent clip and saves these as a new project file that can be opened as an MLT XML clip. Basically this is what you were trying to do (create 1 Text:Simple filter per subtitle), my app simply gets rid of the repetition.

Hello again, I’ve been very busy.

@shotcut I’ve read the GitHub issue you posted regarding writing chinese in Shotcut. You recommended a fix by building it from source and including fcitx (chinese input method) as a dependency. Can the same be done with ibus-bamboo(vietnamese input method)?

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