Shotcut to know file used in a project

I have made a project with many files. Some of the not used ones are deleted from the hard disc.
Question 1: how can I tell to Shotcut not to try to find them every time I reopen the project?
Question 2: is there any way to know if a file is still used or not? (for example click on the file in the playlist and see if and where it is used or and/or click on an item to see the corresponding item in the playlist)
p.s. Shotcut is fantastic, i still have many things to learn, but i am very happy to use it!

I’d say the best way is to get into the habit of deleting the files in the playlist at the same time as you delete them from the hard disk.

No. But I agree that it would be a useful feature in many cases.

Thank you very much
Answer 1: ok in the future I’ll be more careful
Answer 2: i’ll wait for the improvement

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