Shotcut taking disc space

I have just finished editing my video and I checked my storage space right before. Then when I was done editing I checked my storage again and it was down 10gb. I did not download anything. I just simply used Shotcut. This is a reoccurring problem so can someone please help.

The shotcut application can create cache files and proxies while running. If the proxy function is enabled, shotcut converts all video files that you add to a playlist or timeline to a “light” format. If you add very long video files, and there are a lot of them, it can take up quite a lot of space on your drive. To remove proxy files, use the search and look for directories named “proxy”, if you think that they are not needed - delete them and disable proxies in shotcut so that the program does not create them.

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Hi @Intellzzz.
Please be more specific about “when I was done editing”
Was Use Proxy ON while you were editing?
Did you convert any or all of your files to “Edit friendly”.
Did you export your project? If so, did you use a Lossless preset?

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I recommend to look in the cache directory as described in Shotcut - Frequently Asked Questions

I think proxy was on because It was making them.