Shotcut takes forever to load - Help!

Hi there,

I was trying editing some diashow-videos for my family until I encounterd a very annoying … bug or something. Randomly the timeline stops accepting videos from the playlist and shows a red circle with a red line through it instead of the mouse. I searched it up and it is indeed a bug, and the workaround to this is to save the project and restart shotcut.

And there is my problem. I saved my about 3 min long diashow project, reload shotcut and it takes about 10-15 Minutes to reload the file. It is hella annoying, as I have to reload everything every 20 minutes.

I am using a Desktop with an Intel i7700 3.60 Ghz, about 16 GB of Ram and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 (from memory, dont now the exact specs right now)

Does anybody got the same problem? Can anybody help me? I´m sorry, if I violate any rules with this post or post it in the wrong topic as this is my first post in this forum.

Could you share links that have pointed you in this direction?

Sounds like a hardware issue, perhaps you have a drive going bad. I’ve been using Shotcut (Version 18.11.18) all this past weekend loading 4gb mp4 video files into it without an issue. Your system specs are perfectly fine for Shotcut. Although I’m not entirely sure by what you mean by reloading. I’m going to take it as you’re bringing files into a new or your existing project. What file formats are you working with?

If you’re using Version 18.11.18 there is a dialog box, where it lets you set a general projects folder, then when you name your project, it creates another folder within, and it auto-saves your mlt project file in that folder. In Windows you can then put all of your source files into that folder with your MLT file.

A better workaround is to not use drag-n-drop. The toolbar buttons and keyboard shortcuts add, insert, or overwrite using whatever is in the Source player. Of course, that prohibits going directly from playlist to timeline if that’s what you need, but you can just double-click the playlist item to open it the Source player.

That is not necessary. This is very well known problem, and it has been improved over many versions in 2018 (poster did not supply a version). The only way to fix remaining triggers is for people to discover the steps and report it, but hardly anyone is capable of that.

I do not know why it is taking so long to load the project unless perhaps it has hundreds of image files in it.


I tried my best do do some troubleshooting today. I was using Shotcut version 17.11.07, so I will probably have to update it in the near future to fight against the red-circle-bug. I will also try the technic Hudson mentiond (putting everything into the source folder). For now, I will using the other workaround you mentioned.

I have still problems with loading my project, but I noticed my huge amount of JPEGs in the playlist as I copy all my photos in after the first round of deleting blurred or bad pics in general. That is probably the reason the project need such a long time loading in. I will probably choose my photos carefully before loading them in. Thank you shotcut for pointing that out for me :sweat_smile:

I suppose, that I need to get along with these loading times as I dont want to shorten the video or to leave out any pictures. Its probably not designed for handeling such huge amount of images…
Do I have to deal with problems changing my version now and opening my old project? Maybe this could fix the timeline-bug for me. If this isn´t the case, I can work with the loading times as well.

Thank you both for your fast replies

How many pictures?

200 to 300 2-5 MB images, as well as the music I use

My apologies… I was just trying out 2 to 5 video files, as I never attempted such a huge amount of files.

Other thoughts would be is if you’re using a regular HDD, things would be slower. SSD drives are faster, and the M.2 drives are the fastest. And if you’re just using one HDD for your whole computer, things may really get bogged down, especially if you have anti-virus program(s) running. And if the HDD is fragmented the seek times will take longer.

Newer versions have a much faster image loader as mentioned in the v18.03 post below. You should try the latest version before reporting a problem.

No, if you are using the Timeline, you can remove everything in Playlist without affecting the Timeline. They are separate containers.

Updated my software to the newest version and in fixed the problem. Getting along much quicker, and by using the tipps you two mentioned the work is done more effeciently as well. I apologize for wasting your time as this was a very easy fix, and I could had done it myself, but I thank you, Dan and Hudson, for pointing it out for me.

Awesome software. Really looking forward to use it in the future as well C:

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