Shotcut switch off

Very often shotcut switch off while handling.
What can I do to prevent switching off.
Best regard

Can I ask you which operating system to use and the features of your computer? For example, the characteristics of the processor, the ram installed and if you use a SSD or the previous and more recent generation with mechanical functioning as a hard disk?
Shotcut is a video editing program that can be classified as lightweight. However to work properly, he also requires the use of a not too obsolete computer.
In my PC not really ultra-modern, working with I7 processor, with only 6 megs of ram, and SSD hard drive, it works without problems.

Going to need a lot more detail.

Hello Carlo58.
Asus X756UQK - Intel core I5 7th Gen 3.16 hz - Ram 8GO - 1 HD SSD 250 + 1 HD 1Tr - Gforce 940 Mx - W10 64 bits version 1803.
This computer was updated by professional westerday.
Shotcut still switch off some time when handling.
To Hudson555x.
I read attentively the tutorial and deed not found any information about switching off oftenly.
This application was installed correctly according to instructions.
I am new at video coming from slide show with Photodex Proshow 9, and it is an easy steep to manage video editor whatever it is.
Thank to both of you for helping.

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