Shotcut support on linux smartphone

Hello, Today my neighbour gifted me a Custom Redmi Y3 with linux OS installed on it (As he was not present in my birthday, so he gifted me after a week ), and to my knowledge I know that both on Linux OS desktop and smartphone, they both have the same OS that means it can run PC apps on it even on a smartphone and the smartphone has 4 gb ram with a 64 bit architecture with an Helio G35 2.3 Ghz (Changed with original snapdragon 632).
So can my smartphone run shotcut as it has minimum requirements?

It might be feasible, but there are problems:

  • You would have to locate a build for arm64, which we do not provide (only for Apple Silicon desktop macs).
  • The performance will be poor because Shotcut depends heavily on CPU and not hardware decoder or the GPU for image processing. (Only ARM processor with decent desktop-class video performance is Apple M1 currently.)
  • A phone or tablet typically requires a completely different user experience.
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Thanks, I was even not planning to edit on it, as I had a feeling that it is very less powerful than a CPU even having the lowest specs that could run shotcut. So there is no problem for me.

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